Hugh Firebaugh

Director of Brand Insights

There are insights, and then there are Hugh insights, which always reveal MORE. Our Director of Brand Insights has been a stellar part of Able&Co. for years and is instrumental in raising the bar of creative excellence and the way we approach branding. If Holly is Jenny’s right hand,

Hugh is her left. He’s responsible for developing strategic direction for companies requiring brand guidance, particularly when the client desires brand improvement or is undergoing a transformative business event such as an acquisition, merger and/or expansion. Hugh can be counted on to deliver a consultative approach based on a holistic view of his client’s business and target audiences discovered through primary and secondary research, and data analysis. His strategic and creative direction leverages the data to identify relevant market trends and customer insights that inform our strategic brand and account planning and identify the implications and ideas that generate sustainable brand growth and competitive advantage.

If you could boil Hugh’s personality down to one word, it would have to be “unforgettable”. His positivity, guidance, fervor and ambition are unmatched, and it takes no time at all for employees, clients and, well, everyone, to realize Hugh is a total rock star. Our clients have enjoyed remarkable growth and efficiencies following Hugh’s optimized, actionable brand ideas and strategies that form the heart of compelling business storytelling. His work enables streamlined brand architecture, naming strategies and strategic positioning frameworks that best articulate the client’s brand purpose.

Hugh has nearly 20 years of experience as an award-winning designer, copywriter and brand strategist, working for top agencies in Raleigh, Louisville and beyond. Hugh’s role comes with varied responsibilities spanning from strategy, direction, design – even video editing. His work has been featured in GDUSA, Logo Lounge Annual and other publications.