Jenny Taylor

President, Chief Growth Officer

Jenny started Able&Co. because she’s chosen a life of dedicated service to her family, community, clients, team and friends. At the office, you’ll find that Jenny takes the time to develop an organic and genuine relationship with each one of her employees. She knows every member of the team, what makes them tick, who they are and who they strive to be, just as she does with our clients. Thanks to her approachability, she’s often at the center of heartfelt moments, milestones and conversations filled with laughter, all while being a pivotal piece of the team’s growth and improvement.

Her practical business experience came firsthand as the right hand of many business leaders and company owners across many industries. (It’s actually easier to ask Jenny which industries she has NOT had experience in!) This vantage point allowed Jenny to observe which strategic principles and tools lead and guide a business to greatness, as well as which ones drive a business to failure. Most importantly, Jenny learned that her most satisfying outcomes are when strategic marketing and creative work yield positive brand and culture transformations that fuel remarkable success for her clients.

As our Chief Growth Officer, Jenny owns our vision for growth and drives the evolution and activation of that vision by guiding us towards our short and long-term business goals, delivering expanded reach and mission-aligned impact. Jenny brings innovation and creative problem-solving to the table to create the kind of optimized strategic planning that creates meaningful results. She is a positive, creative and inspiring force in our organization. And what Jenny does for Able&Co., she does for every client.

As your Chief Growth Officer, you can expect MORE. You can expect Jenny to go way, way beyond the marketing or communication plans that you might have experienced from a typical advertising, marketing or communications agency.