Jessica Bains

Art Director

Able&Co. is lucky to have the best of both worlds with Jessica as our Art Director – she delivers thoughtful, objective-driven creative results while focusing on the logistics and effectiveness of those results. What’s amazing about Jessica, apart from being an amazing part of our team, is that her passion for creativity is part of everything she does, from unique meals to social posts and beyond! She is an expert at all things related to style, design and is an inspiring creative to the whole team.

Her expertise comes from a successful career as a graphic designer in Charlotte, NC, working with clients ranging from medical providers to universities. Her skillset allows her to deliver stunning, eye-catching and on-point results in a variety of mediums including print, web, social and beyond. With everything she does, she does so keeping in mind the audience and user experience, making her an invaluable part of every project.

Thanks to her hard work and in-depth knowledge of all things design, our work is both contemporary and based on proven results. Jessica is an amazing team player, and works alongside all of us to orchestrate strategy and vision.