Michael Weiss


Our resident wordsmith Michael has an unbridled passion for messaging, strategy, the written word and harnessing a client’s often abstract concept into compelling copy. Michael also manages Able&Co.’s social media marketing efforts, engaging with clients’ followers and ensuring their social presence is organic, contemporary and as maximized as possible.

When you first meet Mike, you might be stunned at his giant stature and large beard. Yet, looks can be deceiving, and he is the epitome of a gentle giant (not the rock band), and is thoughtful, exceptional at research and sees things through the readers’ eyes. He’s always willing to go the extra mile to deliver a creative, strategy and thorough results. He earned an MFA in Creative Writing which allows him to develop his skills and passion for developing imaginative and disruptive solutions.

Michael’s originality and dedication for creating outstanding work are evident in every piece of content. His favorite part of his role is working alongside both the creative and account side of Able&Co. to ensure the mission is accomplished and our clients receive nothing but the very best.